Share Your Story

Because of my experience of talking and working with others I have seen a lot of unnecessary problems that people have endured and that would have been easily avoided with a little education.
All my life I have had wonderful experiences with horses and so have many others. Wonderful camping trips,wonderful packing trips,horse shows parades and great times with horses and friends. I have known of people who have been hurt badly and people that have lost their lives needlessly over the years in accidents with horses that could have been totally avoided if they had sought some professional help instead of trying to do it on there own. So I have decided to invite people who go to the website ,to share their stories and hopefully they will tell their friends to share there experiences good or bad so that maybe it will help people to have a pleasant relationship with their horses.
Working with horses is like electricity, as you would see a wire laying carelessly on the ground and you think about picking it up you never know if it has electricity in it or not and that it could shock you. As with horses they are always communicating with the person that is handling them, the problem is that people aren’t experienced enough to recognize it until they get hurt.
If you are interested in sharing with us please e-mail us so I may add it to the website. Thank you.