San Fernando Rangers

The San Fernando Rangers, Inc. is an equestrian oriented service organization that was founded in 1940. In the beginning, the Rangers were formed and incorporated to supplement a man-power shortage of the City of San Fernando’s police department, created by the demands of World War II. At the end of the war the Rangers became a service organization involved in working with handicapped children in equestrian related events.

Today, the Rangers are primarily involved in fundraising for the California Network for Equestrian Therapy (CAL-NET), a state organization that works with handicapped children through equestrian competitive events in an Olympic style setting. The Rangers donate time and money to CAL-NET, Handicapped Equestrian Learning Program (HELP), Ahead With Horses, The Wildlife Way Station, and The Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Additionally, the Rangers participate in ceremonial and memorial color and honor guard activities along with our parades and organized trail rides.

We currently have 37 members, consisting of members of the community, many of whom are businessmen, teachers, and peace officers, who are interested in helping those less fortunate children who are trying to help themselves.

The Rangers are supported by their female counterpart group, the Ranger Sidekicks, who work hand in hand with them in all activities the Rangers support.

Our headquarters is located in Lakeview Terrace at the corner of Foothill Blvd. and Clybourn Ave. An old little league baseball field located there has been converted to as equestrian center which is used for our fundraising activities, community invited equestrian play-days, and a monthly meeting hall. The center is also used as a temporary equine evacuation holding facility in the event of flood, fire, or any other natural disaster.

The current board of directors for the year 2000 is:

  • Gary Staplekamp — Captain
  • Ron Hargous — Executive Officer
  • Robert McCall — Secretary
  • Scott Carpenter — Treasurer
  • Rick Daniels — Sergeant-at-Arms