Knots and Ropes


Rope Halter


Put muzzle in nose band.
Note: The lead rope across the arm.
When working with a horse,
it is handy to keep the lead rope across,
as such.

Put the rope end through eye.

Pull rope end through loop.

Finish knot.

For safety, tuck rope end into throat-latch.


Latigo Cinch


Bring loop up through saddle ring

Make loops equal lengths

Bring end around to start

half-hitch knot

Tie half-hitch around loops

Pull half-hitch tight

To tighten cinch, put end of latigo through cinch ring and pull

Tie cinch knot

Pull tight

Pull latigo through cinch
ring and saddle ring

Put end latigo through keeper


Tie a Lead Rope


Put lead rope between saddle strings

Take bottom string and wrap around coil of lead rope once

Make a loop with bottom string

Put a half-hitch over loop and tighten

With loop straight up, take top string and make half-hitch, twist once, and put over loop, and tighten

Pull the string to tighten twisted half-hitch

By just pulling loop string, the lead rope knot will come undone


Cinch Keeper


A good position is where the cinch hangs loosely,
or a little bit forward.

Cinch should be tight enough to let your hand slide


Straighten Your Stirrups


To make stirrups straight so it’s easy to get your feet in, take a squirt bottle of water and squirt the leather moist. Use a piece of 2×4 about 2 feet long, twist the stirrup around, and put the 2×4 between the stirrups.


Easy Way to Tie a Catch Rope


Put coil of rope under latigo

Bring latigo end up on left side

Coming down through right side

Bring end down right side and through coil of rope and up over saddle horn

That way the coil of rope will lay forward and away from your knee


Curb Chain


The length of the curb chain must be right.

Put the mouth piece on four fingers and your thumb in the horse’s mouth. With your right hand, pull the bit up into the horse’s mouth. Put the right ear in first, then left ear.

The curb chain should hang loosely under the horses chin.