Is your horse a problem? Does your horse buck, kick, throw his head, move while saddling or mounting? Hard to catch, head shy, problem loader, pulls back, or has any other behavioral problems? We teach horses to have proper ground manners and a positive attitude so you and your equine partner can experience a pleasant working relationship.

My name is Larry Jeffery and I have been working with horses all of my life. It is my experience with all of the people who have brought their horses to me that I can teach your horse to behave properly and resolve many, if not all of those problems and bad habits that can ruin a good day of riding. I have known many people who have sustained terrible injuries from horses that haven’t been trained properly. I deal primarily with horses that have behavior problems and use a non-abusive method that patterns after John Lyons who I believe is an excellent trainer. I also do colt starting and work with endurance horses and I also give horsemanship lessons.
I will bring your horse to my facility and it is worked daily. The horse must stay for training for at least 3 months. After this time your horse will be evaluated by you, the owner and/or the rider to see if the level of training is sufficient,and if not the training can continue on a month to month basis.

Cute As Can Be

Since most people have different levels of expertise, the level of training has to be determined by the owner/rider. The average horse is sufficiently trained in 3 months to be compatible with the average rider. If a horse has been mistreated, beaten, jerked around, yelled at or abused in anyway in some cases it takes longer to teach the horse to be gentle, safe and to follow commands.
Two weeks before your horse goes home it is imperative that the person who is going to ride and/or handle the horse spend 4-6 hours with me and the horse learning the cues and how to handle the horse so the education can continue at home.
You can come out to see your horse anytime you want, just give me a call first as I have other clients and need to scheduale everyone so as to give them adequate time,so it is best to give me at least a 24 hour notice.

Cattle Drive At Kings Ranch

My principal goal is to teach your horse proper ground manners and a positive attitude so you and your horse can experience a pleasant riding and working relationship.
Longview Ranch is located Apple Valley. For a map and to get directions please go to the Contact info area of the website. If you are interested in having your horse trained or if you need more information please call me at the numbers listed below. Please leave me a message as your call is important to me and Iam almost never by the phone as Iam always busy with the horses.